Airdrop Campaign


Countdown to end of airdrop (2° package): September 30, 2019.

Secure Cash Developers Team is airdropping free SCSX to the airdrop participants.

Step-by-Step Guide:
1. Fill in the field with your email address
2. Wait until the end of the package.
3. Once the package is complete, we will contact you by email requesting the proof of action and your wallet address.
4. Ready, just wait for your airdrop coins to be sent to your wallet address

1° package: 1 SCSX (Limited at 250 SCSX) (Proof of action is required)
2° package: 0.25 SCSX (Limited at 1000 SCSX) (Proof of action is required)
3° package: 0.1 SCSX (Limited at 1500 SCSX) (Proof of action is required)
The first 100 participants of the 1° package will receive 3.5 SCSX

Proof of action:
1. Follow us on twitter (HERE) and share the post about the airdrop campaign.
2. Done, we'll contact you at the end of the package and request a screenshot as proof of action.

Your e-mail address

2° package active

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Note: 0.25 and 0.1 SCSX seems small, but note that Secure Cash supply is only 300,000 coins and the block reward is 0.11 scsx.