why choose Secure Cash ?

Algorithm CryptoNight-Lite V1 (Variant 1)

Considered the best algorithm for anonymous, secure and private transactions.

resistant to ASIC, Allows only CPU and GPU to mine on the network, making the coin decentralized.

Low Supply

Low Supply for better price in the market cap, with only 300k coins, Secuure Cash has a reward per block of 0.13 coins initially, according to the issue line, the reward will gradually decrease.

Personal Banking

Your personal bank, you can transfer amounts from Secure Cash to anyone worldwide at any time, the transaction will occur almost instantly, eliminating the need for third parties in the transaction.

a Profitable CryptoCurrency

The offer was chosen to benefit from the market price increase, we want each Secure Cash (SCSX) to price a minimum of US$5,00 in the very near future.

About Secure Cash

Your reserve currency for the next global economic crisis.

Secure Cash (SCSX) is a reserve currency for the upcoming world economic crisis. In addition to making anonymous transactions like any other coin, secure coin will be used as reserve currency, as well as gold, secure cash will also value much more during a global economic crisis.

High emission line

the emission line is responsible for the calculation of the reward per block mined, a high emission line means there will be fewer coins per block, this means that few have coins and consequently, there will be few coins in circulation favoring the appreciation of the price of coin.

Low transaction fee

Secure Cash has only 0.00000100 per transaction fee made in blockchain, ie you can transfer your coins without paying high fees, compared to the banking system, Secure Cash provides a relatively inexpensive transaction system.

Extremely low supply

For greater profit and appreciation in the market for Crypto-currencies, the maximum coin supply of this blockchain is 300,000 coins, along with the high emission line and rewards per block of 0.13 scsx, Secure Cash has everything to appreciate quickly when there is buying power.


Q1 - 2019

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Q2 - 2019

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Q3 - 2019

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Q4 - 2019


Q1 - 2020

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Name: Secure Cash
Coin Abbreviation: SCSX
Algorithm: CryptoNight
PoW Hashing Algo: CryptoNight-Lite V1 (Variant 1)
Difficulty algorithm: Zawy V2

Other Specifications

Difficulty Target: 120 Seconds
Emission speed factor: 21
Minimun transaction fee: 0.00000100
Pre-mining: 15%

Connection Ports

P2P Port: 21000
RPC Port: 21001

Coin Supply

Max Supply: 300,000 coins
Coin per Block: 0.13000000 (initially)

Premine: 15% (45,000 coins)
(rewards and development fund)

Price Charts


Secure Cash Wallet (GUI & CLI)

Secure Cash

Wallet GUI v1.1.5 (Windows)           Wallet CLI (Windows)           Wallet CLI (Linux)

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